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Summer School GISAS 2016

The summer school on grazing incidence scattering took place for the first time in Garching, Germany, in 2016. All participants were able to work on their own data and learn in hands-on training, how to use state of the art analysis and simulation software. This way remote measurements, data analysis and remote simulation on super computers were combined with various experts at hand to guide through the process. Discussions on basics, experimental design, data analysis and simulation followed naturally.

Comments from the participants:

  • “It was great to have the experts at hand to discuss how to analyse my data.”
  • “Now that I have all the programs installed it will be much easier to progress.”
  • “Nice atmosphere. Lots of discussion. Thank you!“

The link to the summer school 2016 can be found here: www.events.tum.de

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Frank Schirmer

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