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  • SS  2018/2019: Wahlpflichtfach  "Scattering Methods for Soft Matter"  (mehr Details s.u.)
  • SS  2018/2019: Physik für Ingenieure II
  • WS 2017/2018: Wahlpflichtfach  "Scattering Methods for Soft Matter

  • WS 2019/2020: Physik für Ingenieure II

Announcement of course here.

Content of course:

The properties of many soft matter systems are strongly linked with the arrangement of the materials involved. Having the capability to examine novel functional material systems on the nano scale is therefore very important for research and  innovation. Many different approaches using X-ray, neutron and light scattering can be used to learn about various structural and dynamic aspects of samples as diverse as organic solar cells, sensors, membranes, fuel cells, proteins, soap, batteries,...
If you are interested in gaining in depth understanding on a broad range of scattering techniques to be able to select the appropriate methods for your questions in your research, then join the class in S37 (NWI016.0.01.31), 10.30 am every Thursday in WS17/18.

Lecture notes here.

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